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The Most Precious Gift

Please watch the video to hear the entire message.  The following is auto-transcribed from YouTube with the paragraph breaks, some punctuation and highlighting added by me.  This message really makes me think about what giving and truly receiving really means.  Sadhguru might be the real deal.

On a certain day the pig went up to the cow and said, ‘I know you give milk,
but I give pork. Why is it that you are so much loved and treated well and I’m not?’ The cow looked at the pig kindly and said, ‘I give milk when I’m alive and here.’ That’s the choice you have whether you want to be a pork or a milk-giving cow. You want to give when you’re alive or people are waiting for you to be dead,so that they can get what you have.

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I Love You and Buddha Too

View each person as a teacher

Each situation as a lesson

A chance to grow

Just because you are learning

Doesn’t mean that you are doing it wrong

It is better to tell the truth

You will always be found out by your self


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Over the Edge

On the edge II

It happened

It is done

There is no going back in this physicality to correct it

All action begins and ends within you

Can physicalities be changed without death of one, the other, or both?

How often does this happen?

Can we be aware of the transition?

What determines the markers for a particular physicality?

Can enough of those markers be seen and understood to determine if the physical reality has changed?

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I am not the body. I am not even the mind

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My latest post about Sadhguru:


I receive a number of hits on this page every day.  Please be sure to review my other posts regarding the Inner Engineering program.  If you are from Isha, have attended the Inner Engineering program or just have questions, please feel free to email me @


Next weekend I will be attending an Inner Engineering event put on by the Isha Institute.  This event is led by Sadhguru who is a self-realized yogi.  I have never attended anything like this and while it feels a little “new age-y” to me, I am looking forward to it.  I am looking for assistance in dropping the veil of this illusion.  I have had the feeling that I am on the cusp of something for the past few months, but I cannot seem to make that leap alone.  However, I am trying to not have any expectations for this experience so that I can accept it as it comes.

The video above gives an introduction to Isha Kyria meditation.  Isha means the source of creation and Kriya means an inner action towards that.  Where Karma is external action and thought, Kriya is internal.  In order to be freed from suffering I must change my perspective. I have come to realize over the past few days via this introduction and the accompanying meditation (along with various posts on Tumblr) that a change in perspective is not a change in who I am.

The meditation is focused on the thoughts “I am not the body” and “I am not even the mind”.      The thought is then dropped to focus on intoning a sound designed to align the chakras at a central junction point, and then nothing.  Throughout the meditation all thought and body feelings are to be ignored or put aside and one is to sit there and let those pass.  In looking at this meditation, it does not feel that different than Buddhist meditation.

Sadhguru teaches that we are separate from mind and body.  The more that we realize that, the more that we will be able to use the mind and the body as a tool.  Dial it up from 1 to 10.  There is breath, thought, and awareness. The meditation is designed to move from untruth to truth.

On a personable level Sadhguru seems humble and accessible.  He has numerous humanitarian efforts going on, and he doesn’t seem to ask for anything from followers.  A lot of followers do end up giving their time and effort, but it seems to be a completely voluntary act.

One of the reasons that I became interested in Sadhguru is that there is an Isha center not too far from me.  It is still a few hour drive, but it at least isn’t in India.  I have been fidgeting with the idea of going to a Buddhist center in my city.  I put it off and put it off.  The Isha center offered this Inner Engineering course as an online study and a one day onsite at their center.  I thought about that.  Then I found out that Sadhguru is holding an event himself in Atlanta, and that was the push that I needed to put something into action.  I told my wife what I wanted to do, and she was supportive.

Admittedly, I do feel a little awkward doing the meditation.  I have yet to do it in front of my wife or family, but I have never been one for spiritual practices.  If this is the path for me, then I will overcome that.  It may only be a piece of the journey.  Most likely the next step after this will be to further explore the Isha practice or the Buddhist center in my area.  The Buddhist center would fit into a more regular, in person practice for me.  I think that I can use everything that I learn from this experience in that practice.  But again, I want to take things as they come.  The end result may be completely different than any expectations that I have.  (I know I can’t drop them all).

Travelling with my family this past weekend, I used a few different highways, city streets, and back roads.  There was no straight path to my destination.  There were many different options of getting from point A to point B.  The interesting thing is that they were all connected.  No matter the path, my destination ended up being the same.  The shorter distance route went through cities and caused stress driving.  It seemed to take forever.  The longer route went through beautiful mountain and pastoral countryside and felt quicker.  It was less stressful, and even enjoyable.

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Realization that the path is laid out.

Realization that I am and have always been on that path.

Realization that everything is the path.

Realization that there is absolutely nothing to control.

I can just observe.

We all know.

We just forget.

There is nothing to forget.

There is nothing to remember.

Everything is unfolding as it should.

Feet – Santa – Salesmen – Keep One – Ask – Meta Memory – Superheros

I don’t really see my feet when I am walking.  I wonder if they are really there or if they are there only when I am looking at them.  It is the thought of the feet that propels me forward, not the feet themselves.  My idea of how a foot behaves in conjunction with the rest of my body that I cannot see.  Obviously, if you start with feet, then you have to move on to everything else.  Good luck.

My wife’s mom wants to take our kids to see “Rise of the Guardians” this weekend and we took a look at the trailer to see what it is about.  It looks to give a backstory to some of the mythical creatures that a lot of us believed in while growing up and then follows them on a quest to defeat the boogeyman.  It looks pretty cool and I am a little jealous that the in-laws are taking them, but they may want to see it again.  It got me thinking about what it was like to actually believe in something that seems really absurd now that we are adults.  The wonder that they feel and they see the proof that the belief exists because they get presents, or their tooth is not there the next morning.  What it must be like to have that wonder. And of course that got me drawing parallels to religions.  We see signs of something.  Something that makes us believe or things that make us not believe.  It can be blind faith, scientific fact, or years of research; but there is still that feeling that justifies our understanding of the universe.

But what if those feelings or signs are just like the presents on Christmas.  They are real to us and we have reasoned an explanation in our mind based on things that we have been told.   What if there is some force putting signs out for us?  Different signs for different people.  But at one time or another we see or feel those signs, whatever we need that proof or disproof to be.  What is the force putting those signs out there?  The only answer that rings true is the cosmos, and just like parents help give us beliefs to help experience the world, the cosmos is doing the same for us.  It is giving us what we need to experience the universe.  We are children of the cosmos.  We are the same as the cosmos itself.

It amazes me how salesmen have the ability to use words to get you to do or think what they want you to do or think.  They play to what they think you want to hear to allow you to trust them.  And they don’t have to be selling a physical product.  They don’t even have to be selling for a company.  They can just be selling themselves.

Keep at least one for yourself

If you want to know what someone thinks about you, ask.   If someone asks you, tell them.

Our memory seems to be a pointer to just a piece of the full memory.  It is minimal information that we use as a reference point.  Maybe it is just at first a feeling that we then think of a situation that reminds us of that feeling.  It stands as a marker and we expand upon that.  We make it bigger until it spawns out and suits our view of the world and ourselves.  It seems key to let go of that.  The need to identify with the feeling.

My kids are superheros.

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