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The Most Precious Gift

Please watch the video to hear the entire message.  The following is auto-transcribed from YouTube with the paragraph breaks, some punctuation and highlighting added by me.  This message really makes me think about what giving and truly receiving really means.  Sadhguru might be the real deal.

On a certain day the pig went up to the cow and said, ‘I know you give milk,
but I give pork. Why is it that you are so much loved and treated well and I’m not?’ The cow looked at the pig kindly and said, ‘I give milk when I’m alive and here.’ That’s the choice you have whether you want to be a pork or a milk-giving cow. You want to give when you’re alive or people are waiting for you to be dead,so that they can get what you have.

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Isha and Sadhguru (part 3) And Now Yoga

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The email correspondence becomes one-sided for almost 2 months.  I wonder if I have offended Jaggi by my searches since this pins the location to India (but the domain of the email address is Canada).  I continue to send emails to document my journey, and continue to look at SG.  I find there is a local Inner Engineering course near me in a few weeks.  I contemplate going, but make excuses for time and dollar commitment.  I could have made it happen, but I didn’t.  I decide to look more at his videos and I find a series called “And Now Yoga“.  I start looking at the different sessions and trying to do one of them a day in the morning.

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Isha and Sadhguru (part 2) Amma

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I email my new friend that I think that some of my hesitation with IE was that I was afraid that if I followed SG I would need to leave my family and friends.   Silly thoughts, but those are ones I had at the time.  This was new to me, and I was wary of what was happening.

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Isha and Sadhguru (part 1) Guru Positioning System

A few months ago I was contacted by someone on asking me about my experience with Isha and Sadhguru.  I did ask if it is OK if I shared the correspondence, and they said OK, but not to use their name or email.  For ease of reference, I will call my friend Jaggi.

I still get a ton of hits every day on the original post “I am not the body. I am not even the mind“.  If you Google that, my page comes up before Isha’s own pages.

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Sadhguru Reiki Karma Entanglement



I really enjoy this video on water and the five elements:

Sadhguru explains how water has a memory and since we are 72% water, we are greatly affected by that karma.  Fire, Earth, Wind and Akash (Space) are the other four elements.  It is important to cleanse all the elements and not just water.  I really like what he says, but I have a hard time with the discipline to do all of them.  Or at least all of them at once.  Maybe I need to focus on each one individually.  I did buy copper cups, but I think I need a copper pitcher or larger vessel.  In the mountains of New Hampshire this week, I ran and did other activities that got my breath up to make sure that I am getting enough air in my lungs.

I guess it is little steps like this for me as opposed to a flash moment of realization.  Like a frog in a pot with the temperature rising, I am not aware that I am being cooked. 🙂  I still expect this moment of realization though.  And that might be want prevents it.  I have to take a step back and tell myself that this is the process.  A question on a thought or movement that is not part of the thought or movement is hesitation and takes things out of the moment.  It can be recovered since that is also part of the movement, since really nothing can be separate from the movement.

I do fell pain in my body that I can’t seem to release.  At the resort where I was staying, there was a massage therapist that also does reiki .  I have read a bit about this and it felt like this is the alignment of energy.  It said that no karma was involved since it is just clearing the blockages and just allowing energy to flow.  There is no exchange of karma.

I called and made an appointment.  After the call, I started having second thoughts.  I did a search on Sadhguru reiki and I found the video bellow where he says to avoid reiki because it is just the tip of the iceberg and it masks the root.  He also said that there is the potential for entanglement, which I assume he means quantum entanglement of particles since reiki involves energy work which seems like it could have the potential to entangle particles.  Since the particles are entangled, it seems reasonable to believe that karma of the particles is also entangled.  By that, the reiki practitioner has possibly been entangled with a large number of people.  Then to possibly entangle with her…. I canceled the appointment.  If SG wasn’t so adamantly against it, I would have went for it, but his points made me pause.

I still need some way to address the pain and get to the root.  I feel the pain is psychological since doctors are not seeing an issue.   While searching today, I saw that Sadhguru does have a number of videos on cleansing the elements.  I may start there.  SG says that with the purity of the five elements you will be able to distinguish what is physiological, psychological and existential. It isn’t as quick as potentially a reiki session, but it feels like a better approach.  I guess there are no shortcuts, or you have to believe in them so that they are not the shortcut, they are the way.

Sadhguru’s channel.

Isha also has a channel

The Value of Life

I don’t know what happens when I die

I don’t know from direct experience

I don’t know anyone that has died and told me about it

I don’t know heaven

or hell

or any other worlds

other than what is in front of me

If you want to know the value of life, just know it is a brief happening

  • Sadhguru





These are words that only hold the meaning that we provide to them


Consciousness and the world

Mind and body

Thought and form


Form does not give rise to consciousness

Does consciousness give rise to form?


Conscious should drive and create the world.  The world does not create consciousness. – Sadhguru


Thought projects form

Thought perceives form

Thought gives rise to the physical interpretation

But does thought hit against something to realize form?


Interpretation must have something to interpret

Perception must have something to perceive

Or is it just banging against itself?

Thought perceives/interprets thought

And gives rise to form


Consider this: in our everyday state of consciousness, we regard our body to be extremely limited. What’s more, we feel that this body is the major source of all our sufferings — the feelings of pain arise in the body, the fear of illnesses and death are intimately connected to the body, etc. On the other hand, we think bright, encouraging thoughts about our minds, and our imaginative capabilities. Whilst the body is weak, limited and prone to breaking down easily, the mind is sovereign, it is our sanctuary and can give us a glimpse of the victory over our humiliating conditions. Our conscious thoughts seemingly know no bounds — we can fantasize to our hearts content about ideal conditions, distant lands, nice, heartwarming events and circumstances. We can easily imagine pigs with wings — something that’s impossible for the nature itself to accomplish. What can possibly stop our imagination? And look, it’s not only idle daydreaming — all the achievements that the science, technology, art and philosophy can boast of, all have their origin in our imagination.

Well, the experience of Enlightenment changes all that. Strictly speaking, it turns things on their heads. Upon opening our mind’s eye, we see that it is our conscious mind that is extremely limited, feeble, and prone to easily break down. Our body, which we have despised so much, turns out to be the wondrous limitless reality — we can go anywhere, climb any mountain and hill. Our body enables us to truly live.

How to Recognize Enlightenment – Alex Bunard via The Wanderling


Is it a misconception that our thoughts are limitless

and our bodies limited?

Though the body we have the ability to achieve our dreams

And move through the physical world

The body is the tool

The linkage between thought and physical

Between dreams and reality


But is consciousness any of this?

Is it body (form)?

Or mind (thought)?

Or is it the awareness?




A viewing of both melded together

Does it make anything possible or is it the witness

Through which everything is observed?



This post is a late entry to A SELECTION OF TRUE AWAKENING EXPERIENCES PART II, and a follow-up to My Awakening Experience and Moving Forward.  My apologies for the late entry Barb, I was travelling.  I understand if I have missed the deadline.



More Thoughts on Karma


In this crudely drawn chart I am trying to show that karma is based upon what we have vs. what we want.  If we want more than what we have then we have bad karma.  If we want less than we have, then that is good karma.  And having karma is OK.  A person that is grateful for they have, still has karma since they still perceive that they have something.  There is still abundance with karma.   And of course good karma is better than bad, but why compare or regret anything at all?

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