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Grow a Greater You (Law of Attraction) – Part 2

This is a post in a continuing series on applying the law of attraction using principles from quantum physics.  You should probably start here, but whatever floats your boat.  🙂

Chicago, It’s My Kind of Town

I arrived in Chicago on Friday morning.  I had never been there before so I wanted to see the sights, and hopefully catch up with Greg after his meeting with Laura Berman.  I landed and then took the blue line metro/L/train/whatever from O’Hare to downtown.  I switched to the Orange line to get off at the Field museum.  I decided to pack light and just carry my bag around with me and check it at the museum.  I like riding the metro over the bus.  I guess it feels more predictable to me.  Google maps is also pretty nice now for transit travel.  It shows you all of the stops up to the stop that you need to get off at.  However, it doesn’t update automatically like when driving a car.


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The Coin

Everything is happening as it should
All possibilities exist now
All past and future exist now
I am the observer
Everything external is internal
Separation at physical level
Two sides of one coin
But both are the same coin

Perceived reality is not permanent
Thought is not permanent
Reality cannot be controlled
Thoughts and feelings of reality cannot be controlled
But both can be accepted
To categorize something is to limit it
It is then either viewed as heads or tails, but never both


It is definitely something about patterns.  I keep seeing myself in old pictures and I am judging how I look.  Or am I seeing myself for how I was?  Am I clinging to a thought about myself, and when is that thought occurring?  Is it a thought I had in the past and I am remembering it now?  Is it a thought in the present about how I was in the past?  Or is it a thought in the present about how I am now that I am applying to the past?  It most absolutely has to be the last one.

A thought can only occur in the present.  Since the past is not happening now, whatever image and identification that I have with it is all based on the thought of myself in the present.  I am actually deciding on a moment by moment basis what past that I need to support my current image of myself.  Then I hit on something that might be negative and I want to let go of it.  I want that image gone.  Or I find something positive and I want it to last.  The key seems to be to attach to neither.

Can the present exist as part of a pattern?  If the present were part of a pattern then it would be tied to a past to support it and a future that it is trying to predict.  How can that be the present?  The present moment must stand on its own, tied to nothing.  Does the present represent all possibilities past and future?  If so, the present represents everything and nothing, and it is outside of time.  The real question is, “What can observe that?”


Memories of the past or visions of the future represent only one possibility.  Don’t get caught up in them.  If given the choice between a positive or negative memory/thought which would you choose?  And if all possibilities are the same, does it even matter? Every possible situation leads to every possible outcome.  That means that even if you mess up, that situation can still lead itself to the best possible outcome (or at least one not as shitty as you probably imagine).  The quicker you let go of the situation, the quicker it will feel like change happens.  This allows you to move on to the next situation or moment.  Soon it may feel that everything is just a string of moments.  Or maybe just one big moment.

Free Will

Over Under
Image by ecstaticist via Flickr

We may or may not have “free will

We may or may not be in control of our destiny


We most certainly have the ability to do what we want to do

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