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Philosophy of Mind

We are all perfect

To think different is to forget

Forget that we are part of one

That separation is an illusion

That everyone we meet is a mirror of ourselves

And of everyone else

Of how we see the world

And if everything is part of the same

How can anything not be perfect?

Matter has consciousness because we give it consciousness

It is our consciousness

Everything is consciousness or awareness

It exists because we exist

And we exist because it exists

Maybe it is time to stop questioning existence

And just exist

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In the physical world, I can pretty much get and do anything that I want, but there is a specified set of steps to get there.  If I want to be at the beach I have to: buy an airplane ticket, rent a car, go to the airport …. and then I will eventually be at the beach.  My ability to travel from here to the beach is within an acceptable level of reality.  I know that it can happen.

But all of that is just thought.

Outside of the moment.

Defining the moment destroys the moment.

You can’t name the moment.

It exists without name.

Because really you are already there.  You are already everywhere.  The mind is making up something from this moment to points in the past and future.  The events to get sequentially to this point or that point are all held within the mind.  The mind imposes limitations on the perceived reality based on past thought patterns and future projections.  But the mind says “Events have to have transpired for me to be at this point.”  It demands to stay in control.  And the more it is in control, the more that it determines what you will experience.

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I am not this Post

This post is the most popular post on my site.  Every day I get a handful of hits from people linking from other sites, but mostly from search engine queries.  The topic is my anticipated trip to Inner Engineering put on by Sadhguru and Isha Yoga.  For some reason, the mantra of the meditation “I am not the body, I am not even the mind” shows up at the top of Google search results.  I guess it is the right combination of words or tags or links or comments or something.

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The Bubble

Consciousness Awakening on Vimeo by Ralph Buckley

All possible futures

From all possible pasts

Each moment dies

Each moment I die

A break in consciousness

Adrift on a thought through past and future

I am pulled back to this now

While I was gone my body remained

Am I returning to the same body?

To the same situation?

Gradual change is difficult to realize

It can be mistaken for no change

But when taken all at once

It represents a total shift in consciousness

A new perspective

Assume nothing from the perceived past

Expect nothing from the imagined future

The point exists on its own

Without tether in any direction

A whole bubble existing on its own

A bubble the size of the entire known universe

At that given moment

A slice in time across the cosmos

Floating on its own

How is that possible?

All slices, points, bubbles existing on their own

Without tie to anything else

And this is one

And we are here

Experiencing the bubble

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Matter and Mind

Matter box size comparison

What is something if it is not perceived?  If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to experience it, did it really even exist at all?  When we saw evidence that we think indicates a fallen tree, are we making up a story of how it got to that state?  We assume that at one point it was seed, grew over the course of decades, and then fell.

I guess it depends on what is considered matter and what is considered a product of the mind.  Again we are removed from reality and interpreting through our senses what is matter.  So is mind matter or is matter mind?

What is mindNo matter. What is matterNever mind.

George Berkeley

Thought and Awareness of Thought

If every thought has an identity related to it, why attach to one more than the other?  Why attach to one at all?  All thoughts, and thus all identities are products of past experiences predicting future events.  Since neither is happening now, they are machinations of the mind.  Fabrications.  Illusions.  Now either exists as no thought or awareness of thought.  Thought and awareness of thought cannot exist together.

Ego, and awareness of the ego, cannot co-exist.

– Eckhart Tolle

But there is still an “I”.  Even with awareness of thought there comes an observer, since there is something that is aware.  Is that awareness the universe?  The universe being aware, coming alive at one single point.  Looking at waves and freezing them into a specific pattern.  Once awareness is diverted does the observed still exist?  The observer seems to either go into the emptiness or continue on into the next thought pattern.

Yet you see the moon in your consciousness. There was no moon till it was an experience in your consciousness. Your brain is not registering pictures of the moon. It is sensing a digital on-off code of photons or waves of electricity (same thing) The collapse of wave function that creates the moon is in your consciousness (that has no location because its non local) The moon exists in consciousness—no consciousness, no moon—just a sluggishly expanding wave function in a superposition of possibilities. All happens within consciousness and nowhere else.

– Deepak Chopra

In the case of people without insight into the nature of consciousness, the mental activity is in the center of consciousness.  Every thought creates a new center, a new identification which is the ego — there is nothing else there.  We cannot talk about “one” ego but rather about a flow of conscious or semi-conscious events, being capable of operating in a relatively integrated way.  This is the function of the ego.

– Aziz Krsitof

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