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Sadhguru Reiki Karma Entanglement



I really enjoy this video on water and the five elements:

Sadhguru explains how water has a memory and since we are 72% water, we are greatly affected by that karma.  Fire, Earth, Wind and Akash (Space) are the other four elements.  It is important to cleanse all the elements and not just water.  I really like what he says, but I have a hard time with the discipline to do all of them.  Or at least all of them at once.  Maybe I need to focus on each one individually.  I did buy copper cups, but I think I need a copper pitcher or larger vessel.  In the mountains of New Hampshire this week, I ran and did other activities that got my breath up to make sure that I am getting enough air in my lungs.

I guess it is little steps like this for me as opposed to a flash moment of realization.  Like a frog in a pot with the temperature rising, I am not aware that I am being cooked. ūüôā  I still expect this moment of realization though.  And that might be want prevents it.  I have to take a step back and tell myself that this is the process.  A question on a thought or movement that is not part of the thought or movement is hesitation and takes things out of the moment.  It can be recovered since that is also part of the movement, since really nothing can be separate from the movement.

I do fell pain in my body that I can’t seem to release.  At the resort where I was staying, there was a massage therapist that also does reiki .  I have read a bit about this and it felt like this is the alignment of energy.  It said that no karma was involved since it is just clearing the blockages and just allowing energy to flow.  There is no exchange of karma.

I called and made an appointment.  After the call, I started having second thoughts.  I did a search on Sadhguru reiki and I found the video bellow where he says to avoid reiki because it is just the tip of the iceberg and it masks the root.  He also said that there is the potential for entanglement, which I assume he means quantum entanglement of particles since reiki involves energy work which seems like it could have the potential to entangle particles.  Since the particles are entangled, it seems reasonable to believe that karma of the particles is also entangled.  By that, the reiki practitioner has possibly been entangled with a large number of people.  Then to possibly entangle with her…. I canceled the appointment.  If SG wasn’t so adamantly against it, I would have went for it, but his points made me pause.

I still need some way to address the pain and get to the root.  I feel the pain is psychological since doctors are not seeing an issue.   While searching today, I saw that Sadhguru does have a number of videos on cleansing the elements.  I may start there.  SG says that with the purity of the five elements you will be able to distinguish what is physiological, psychological and existential. It isn’t as quick as potentially a reiki session, but it feels like a better approach.  I guess there are no shortcuts, or you have to believe in them so that they are not the shortcut, they are the way.

Sadhguru’s channel.

Isha also has a channel



I have been looking externally for a vision on what I should do at work. ¬†I have been waiting for something to just take away the responsibility and just tell me what I should do. ¬†I spoke with my manager today about how I don’t have a clear vision of my career path. ¬†He told me that instead of waiting or depending on others for a vision, I should create one for my department and grow it from the inside out. ¬†I had never really looked at it that way. ¬†I have been looking externally for direction, when the only place that I can really look is internally.

How can I find work that will give me joy?

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Mirror Image

Do you see yourself only when you look in a mirror?  Or do you also see yourself when you  look at everything you encounter?  Just as a mirror reflects a physical representation of how you view yourself, the world reflects your true nature.  Your immediate surroundings represent, in physical form, things that you like.  You surround yourself with things that make you happy and things that you think you need to live the life that you think you want.

analyzing mirror self-recognition
analyzing mirror self-recognition (Photo credit: TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³)

Your surroundings can be neat or cluttered, also representing the state of your being.  You can take actions to change your surroundings by creating or destroying.  Your actions reflect your mind state and your reaction to those actions may represent something else entirely.  There can be a conflict between the action and the emotion related to that action.  That must surely represent that you are out of harmony with yourself (Karma).  At this point you have to step back and feel the emotion, but not judge it.  With awareness, you can change your actions.

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More Thoughts on Karma


In this crudely drawn chart I am trying to show that karma is based upon what we have vs. what we want.  If we want more than what we have then we have bad karma.  If we want less than we have, then that is good karma.  And having karma is OK.  A person that is grateful for they have, still has karma since they still perceive that they have something.  There is still abundance with karma.   And of course good karma is better than bad, but why compare or regret anything at all?

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Karmic Fuel

Driving home I realize that I need gas.  I have to go to work in the morning and what I have left in the tank will not get me there, it will barely get me home.  It has been a long day and the last thing that I want to do is divert out of my well tread path and into a crowded gas station to breathe noxious fumes.   I would rather go home, put my feet up, relax for a bit.  However, I know that if I do not get gas now, I am shifting that need to in the morning.  Doing this will throw off my morning routine causing me to need to get up earlier or rush to get the fuel I need to make it to work.  On an oversimplified, micro-scale, this is how I think karma works.

An early Asher gas station.
An early Asher gas station. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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3. Perceiving the Bull

Bull in Meadow of Clover
Hello There

I hear the song of the nightingale.
The sun is warm, the wind is mild,
willows are green along the shore,
Here no bull can hide!
What artist can draw that massive head,
those majestic horns?


When one hears the voice, one can sense its source. As soon as the six senses merge,  the gate is entered. Wherever one enters one sees the head of the bull!  This unity is like salt in water, like color in dyestuff.  The slightest thing is not apart from self.

We have seen the mind

Realization that everything separate from the self is the self

Teachers at every corner

Ultimately us talking to our self

Telling our self what we need to know

If we look for causation, we will fail

If we accept synchronicity, we will succeed


A heart being used as a symbol of love. Photo ...

A lot of times I expect people to respond a certain way to something that I have told them.  I feel a little unnerved when they respond in a completely different manner.  I am expecting interest and questions and I get a shake of the head.  I am expecting them to understand something that they could never completely understand because their perspective is different than mine.  They do not have all of the information that I have.  Either through neglect of me telling them, their previous life experiences, or even just their memory or perception of events.  Everything is completely different than mine.  How can I possibly expect their reaction to be the same as mine?

Yet, we are all here sharing this one experience.  We are separate at a physical level, but we are united at a spiritual level.  How can those levels reside in complete ignorance of each other?  Or maybe there is information shared, but it is given in small doses so that we do not notice it.  A gradual change and merging.  It all starts from within.

You can’t expect to end the world of suffering at a wish. ¬†It starts with you. ¬†Give yourself the loving-kindness that you deserve. ¬†Really feel it in your heart and let it expand out to your whole body. ¬†To your family. ¬†To friends. ¬†To people you might possibly hate or hold a grudge towards. ¬†To people you meet in passing. ¬†To people you don’t know. ¬†To the whole world. ¬†To the whole of existence that you cannot even possibly begin to imagine.

Slowly and gradually we begin to become one with everyone that we meet. ¬†We treat them with the respect that we want ourselves. ¬†We empathize with their situation since we can relate to it. ¬†They are not suffering… we are. ¬†The sooner we let go of that desire to see them in a different situation, the sooner that we will ourselves be free from suffering. ¬†They only suffer because we think they suffer. ¬†We only suffer because we project our suffering on other people. ¬†It can end.

Over the Edge

On the edge II

It happened

It is done

There is no going back in this physicality to correct it

All action begins and ends within you

Can physicalities be changed without death of one, the other, or both?

How often does this happen?

Can we be aware of the transition?

What determines the markers for a particular physicality?

Can enough of those markers be seen and understood to determine if the physical reality has changed?

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