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Why is it that we can remember some things some of the time, but not all things all of the time?  Why is memory selective to the situation and the frame of mind?  Why does doing certain things trigger certain memories?  Why are those memories chosen over others?

Sometimes the memories bring pleasure, and we cherish those over the ones that bring us pain.  Still, we remember the ones that bring us pain.

One memory…  one moment… triggering the next one.

What was the first one?  And how could there ever be a first one?

An empty state

A state of emptiness

Screenshot from 2015-12-04 22:41:18

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Our Narrow Slice

Very interesting and exciting showing the exponential evolution of the human race.  If you watch nothing else from the video, check out the segment starting at 8:39 (  This shows the history of the Earth progressing 1,000 years every second.  Our thin little slice is just a flash at the end.  Don’t blink.

One in Many; Many in One

Self – One in many; Many in one

The self is steadfast and constant.  It is an un-moving, non-judging observer.  To do otherwise is to form identification giving rise to something separate.  Rising from the self is the mind.  The mind provides commentary and observation on the outside world or reality.  The mind, through perception and interpretation, gives rise to the body.  The body is the thing that forms a physical barrier between us and the outside world.  This is where we start to actually perceive ourselves as separate which gives rise to others and everything else.

Here is the thing.  That mind-body perception is just one of many.  If this mind-body arises from the self, then everyone that I am perceiving is arising from the self.  The self emanates out from underneath this mind-body, but it also spreads out from everyone and everything that this mind-body perceives.  So this mind-body is one in many forming many in one.  I am a projector and a receptor of the self.

Mind-Body Perception

The mind perceives the outside world through senses. It is only aware of reality through an interpretation of the sense. The ears feed in sound waves that are then interpreted into something that is meaningful or identifiable. The body is also perceived through senses. What we interpret as the body is not reality, it is only perception of reality. So really, I am not the body, just as I am not the outside world.

Thoughts also seem to come that way. The original, real thing, followed by echos and perceptions. The mind echos the true event or reality. Those echos mix together and form a sense of identification. I am not really the echo, I am the source. I am not the body. I am not even the mind.

But perhaps an echo is still part of what I am. I am the observer and the observed. To say that I am not something denies me saying that I am everything. I can’t be everything minus something. That doesn’t make sense. I am and I am not the body. I am and I am not the mind. Semantics. I guess it is more freeing to lose the identification than claim it, even though it is a infinitesimally small part of our composition.


– The Milky Way itself travels through space at appr. 600 km/s (
– The image used for texturing the Milky Way is NOT a picture of the Milky Way. There are no pictures of the outside of the Milky Way.
– There could either be a black hole or a central sun in the center of the Milky Way. I went with the texture image and made it shine.
– A complete revolution around the galaxy takes 226 million years (
– Do not confuse the Galactic Plane with the Galactic Equator: the Sun never “crosses” the Galactic Equator because the Sun is always on the Galactic Equator, by definition.

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Let’s take this video in combination with this post from Infinity Imagined.

Infinitly Imagined:

The gravitational orbit of any moon, planet, star or galaxy forms a helix, when you view it traveling through a time dimension.  A 3-dimensional helix is a ‘slice’ of the 4-dimensional shape of the orbit of a planet; Y is a time dimension, X and Z are space dimensions.  One 2D slice of a 3D helix is a circle, another is a wave.  One 3D slice of a 4D helix is a sphere; a planet in a specific moment of time.

Interesting patterns are revealed when you start thinking about the 4-dimensional shapes of objects through time.  One example I enjoy is the fractal nature of gravitational orbits.  Consider the 4D shape of the orbit of the Moon around the Earth through time; a helix.  The helix of the Moons orbit is ‘wrapped’ around the helical orbit of the Earth around the Sun.  The helices of the Earth and Moon are further ‘wrapped’ around the orbit of the Sun around the center of our Galaxy.  When Galaxies orbit each other another iteration is possible.  Because gravity causes the same behavior at different physical scales, a fractal pattern is generated.  Viewed from the ‘side’, with one space and one time dimension, orbits are fractal waves.  Viewed from the ‘top’ (two space dimensions) they are fractal circles.  A 3D slice in spacetime shows a helical fractal. The true 4D object is a fractal hyperhelix.

Another beautiful fractal in time is biology.  Every time A CELL DIVIDES it creates a bifurcation or a ‘branch’.  The same thing happens whenever an organism reproduces, or at each speciation event.  All life is part of the same 4-dimensional fractal tree, extending back in time to the moment of ABIOGENESIS.  When you consider your 4-dimensional shape it becomes clear that we are all part of the same fractal organism, wrapped on the spherical surface of a hyperhelix!

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This post is somewhat related to this one.

The Bubble

Consciousness Awakening on Vimeo by Ralph Buckley

All possible futures

From all possible pasts

Each moment dies

Each moment I die

A break in consciousness

Adrift on a thought through past and future

I am pulled back to this now

While I was gone my body remained

Am I returning to the same body?

To the same situation?

Gradual change is difficult to realize

It can be mistaken for no change

But when taken all at once

It represents a total shift in consciousness

A new perspective

Assume nothing from the perceived past

Expect nothing from the imagined future

The point exists on its own

Without tether in any direction

A whole bubble existing on its own

A bubble the size of the entire known universe

At that given moment

A slice in time across the cosmos

Floating on its own

How is that possible?

All slices, points, bubbles existing on their own

Without tie to anything else

And this is one

And we are here

Experiencing the bubble

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Difference of Opinion

“I am not who you think I am; I am not who I think I am; I am who I think you think I am ”
Thomas Cooley, Inscriptions: Prairie Poetry

When we look to others to validate who we are, we are really looking to our own opinions of others and ourselves.  We can never know what other people think.  We only know what we think about ourselves and how we assume that others define us.  Everything known is through the lens of self experience.  Since external is internal, then there should be no reason to look external for any definition.  No more answers can be gained from external sources than through self-inquiry.

“Your whole idea about yourself is borrowed – borrowed from those who have no idea of who they are themselves.”

So many arguments are held at different levels because of supposed disagreement on belief.  Let others be wrong.  Let yourself be right.  Let both opinions exist until agreement is found.  Don’t push your agenda, only live your truth.  No matter the argument, allow the space of not knowing to reside between the two opinions.   The truth will find its way out when it is ready.  Nothing gained by force is kept.

If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter;
for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.

Desiderata – Max Ehrmann 

When we compare ourselves to others, we make a definition of who we think they are and who we are in relation to them.  If we are all made of the same thing, then there should be no judgement since by judging others we are really judging ourselves.  Now this seems simple on the surface and gives us great insight on how we can improve ourselves, but that is still a limitation and an identification.  With acceptance of others, we accept ourselves, and there is no improvement or change to be made on either side.

So how do we let go of judgement?

All judgments of others and ourselves seem to come from the mind which is based on experiences and conditioning. Beyond the influence of mind there is a place where there are no thoughts..only presence. My practice is to visit that place more and more so that it becomes more of a habit and the labeling and judgments of mind stay in the background rather than in the foregound.

The Retired Seeker

It is a little confusing to first think of labels as judgments.  We describe everything with labels.  It is how we make sense of the world, of the inputs that we are given.  However, when we apply a label to a person or an object we are in fact limiting that object in time and space.  A label is not a dynamic thing.  It is applied at a point based upon our prior experiences and conditioning.  Once we label something, we cling to that label.  Even when we exchange one label for another, we are still lost in the concept of the label itself and what the label represents to us as opposed to the true object itself.  At the point of labeling, we disassociate ourselves with the object.  As the Retired Seeker points out, all of these labels and judgments come from the mind.  We may not be able to stop the flow of labeling and judgement, but we can get to the point where we no longer identify with that process.  Through silence  we begin to see that we are separate from the mind, labels and judgment.

What does this mean to be free of the constructs of the mind?

For me, it is about getting the foot as bare as one can while standing on that sand… yes it can be an uncomfortable to painful walk like that at first… the road and the reference points for living always shifting beneath the feet. But once we embrace the flow, my oh my, how amazing the dance of inner mirrored as the outer mirror as the inner mirrored can be. (How often do we see shoes eventually taken off on the dance floor? That usually is when the true partying can begin!)

Seeing M

Letting go of judgment and letting go of labels allows us to be totally free.  If we think that someone has labeled us as incompetent or undeserving then our thinking will remain along those lines and we will be tied into external forces dictating internal actions.  When we apply a label to ourselves, or we assume that others have applied a label to us, it is important to take a step back and allow the moment to reset.  Literally take yourself out of the moment and allow a do-over.  Allow yourself to accept the moment for how it is now and not how it was even just a few seconds ago.  Allow all forthcoming action to be based on the current moment and not ideas of the past.  Each moment allows us a break,  a reprieve, from action where all action can begin anew.

Every moment of your life
Is a chance to get it right
Any moment you’ve been living in
You could turn it on like a light

Monotov’s Private Opera – Third Eye Blind


“When you know who you are, you don’t look to the world to tell you. Similarly, you don’t fear other people since they cannot take anything from you. Your awareness of yourself as you really are is your liberation.”
— The Lazy Yogi

What are we trying to realize here?  What is the point of all this silence and self-reflection?  What are we gaining by this?  For me it is more of an acceptance than a realization.  We are all already enlightened.  Think about this.  Everyone that you meet, and that person that you look at in the mirror, is already in an enlightened state.  So what is missing?  Acceptance of that natural enlightenment.  The ego fights us and confuses us.  It pushes us into identification of a body and mind that is really just an instrument that we use to perceive this reality.  Would you identify with a microscope?  Or your car?  You realize that those things are separate from you, but they allow you to interact and understand your world better.  The same is true of the body and mind.  They are instruments through which you interact, examine and understand the universe.  Nothing at all to be taken lightly, but still just an extension of the self and not the true self.

“Realisation is to get rid of the delusion that you have not realised.”
— Sri Ramana Maharshi

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Realization that the path is laid out.

Realization that I am and have always been on that path.

Realization that everything is the path.

Realization that there is absolutely nothing to control.

I can just observe.

We all know.

We just forget.

There is nothing to forget.

There is nothing to remember.

Everything is unfolding as it should.

The Singularity Is Near

I am starting to read Ray Kurzweil‘s book “The Singularity is Near“.  He believes that there is a point within the next couple decades where non-biological thinking will exceed biological thinking.  The rate of technological change will skyrocket so quickly it will seem that change is happening at an extremely astonishing rate.  Even just looking at the past century we can plot the rate of technological change on a logarithmic scale.

Within decades of that man will begin to become one with machine.  The connection between biological and non-biological will become intimately close.  Foglets, which are nanorobots holding hands will form real world physical objects.  “I don’t really like that chair, how about a recliner?  No, in black”.  Virtual reality will form into physical reality.  Eventually we will be part of the entire Earth and start to branch out to other planets on our way to awaken the entire universe.

This is very exciting to me.  This feels like the physical manifestation of universal enlightenment.  And we all will be part of it.

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