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Thought and Awareness of Thought

If every thought has an identity related to it, why attach to one more than the other?  Why attach to one at all?  All thoughts, and thus all identities are products of past experiences predicting future events.  Since neither is happening now, they are machinations of the mind.  Fabrications.  Illusions.  Now either exists as no thought or awareness of thought.  Thought and awareness of thought cannot exist together.

Ego, and awareness of the ego, cannot co-exist.

– Eckhart Tolle

But there is still an “I”.  Even with awareness of thought there comes an observer, since there is something that is aware.  Is that awareness the universe?  The universe being aware, coming alive at one single point.  Looking at waves and freezing them into a specific pattern.  Once awareness is diverted does the observed still exist?  The observer seems to either go into the emptiness or continue on into the next thought pattern.

Yet you see the moon in your consciousness. There was no moon till it was an experience in your consciousness. Your brain is not registering pictures of the moon. It is sensing a digital on-off code of photons or waves of electricity (same thing) The collapse of wave function that creates the moon is in your consciousness (that has no location because its non local) The moon exists in consciousness—no consciousness, no moon—just a sluggishly expanding wave function in a superposition of possibilities. All happens within consciousness and nowhere else.

– Deepak Chopra

In the case of people without insight into the nature of consciousness, the mental activity is in the center of consciousness.  Every thought creates a new center, a new identification which is the ego — there is nothing else there.  We cannot talk about “one” ego but rather about a flow of conscious or semi-conscious events, being capable of operating in a relatively integrated way.  This is the function of the ego.

– Aziz Krsitof

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Dear Seeker

Glad you made it here.  I have been waiting.  Take a peek through the blog.  It can go pretty far if you follow the tracks.   Come join me on this path that never ends.

Momentary Self

Does each moment sit on its own?  No past until one is made up.  No future until we form desire.  Karma does seem inherited.  The karma we perceive we have accumulated has an impact on who we think we are in the current moment.  It paints a picture of our past that matches up with our perceptions and it generates a future based on desires.

Karma has a giver and a receiver.  To build up good or bad karma we do good or bad things to other people or ourselves.  When the self is eliminated, so is the karmic cycle.  If the environment (inclusive of ourselves and others) is a projection of the self or the self is part of the environment, then the self is everything (or part of everything) and does not stand alone.  Since it does not stand alone, it cannot be called self.  There is no self.  Without self, there is nothing to accumulate karma.

Feet – Santa – Salesmen – Keep One – Ask – Meta Memory – Superheros

I don’t really see my feet when I am walking.  I wonder if they are really there or if they are there only when I am looking at them.  It is the thought of the feet that propels me forward, not the feet themselves.  My idea of how a foot behaves in conjunction with the rest of my body that I cannot see.  Obviously, if you start with feet, then you have to move on to everything else.  Good luck.

My wife’s mom wants to take our kids to see “Rise of the Guardians” this weekend and we took a look at the trailer to see what it is about.  It looks to give a backstory to some of the mythical creatures that a lot of us believed in while growing up and then follows them on a quest to defeat the boogeyman.  It looks pretty cool and I am a little jealous that the in-laws are taking them, but they may want to see it again.  It got me thinking about what it was like to actually believe in something that seems really absurd now that we are adults.  The wonder that they feel and they see the proof that the belief exists because they get presents, or their tooth is not there the next morning.  What it must be like to have that wonder. And of course that got me drawing parallels to religions.  We see signs of something.  Something that makes us believe or things that make us not believe.  It can be blind faith, scientific fact, or years of research; but there is still that feeling that justifies our understanding of the universe.

But what if those feelings or signs are just like the presents on Christmas.  They are real to us and we have reasoned an explanation in our mind based on things that we have been told.   What if there is some force putting signs out for us?  Different signs for different people.  But at one time or another we see or feel those signs, whatever we need that proof or disproof to be.  What is the force putting those signs out there?  The only answer that rings true is the cosmos, and just like parents help give us beliefs to help experience the world, the cosmos is doing the same for us.  It is giving us what we need to experience the universe.  We are children of the cosmos.  We are the same as the cosmos itself.

It amazes me how salesmen have the ability to use words to get you to do or think what they want you to do or think.  They play to what they think you want to hear to allow you to trust them.  And they don’t have to be selling a physical product.  They don’t even have to be selling for a company.  They can just be selling themselves.

Keep at least one for yourself

If you want to know what someone thinks about you, ask.   If someone asks you, tell them.

Our memory seems to be a pointer to just a piece of the full memory.  It is minimal information that we use as a reference point.  Maybe it is just at first a feeling that we then think of a situation that reminds us of that feeling.  It stands as a marker and we expand upon that.  We make it bigger until it spawns out and suits our view of the world and ourselves.  It seems key to let go of that.  The need to identify with the feeling.

My kids are superheros.

Wake Up Call

Good morning.  It’s time to wake up. You are clearly in the process of waking up, because you are constantly being exposed to reminders that you are awakening. This is another one of those reminders.

If you have read this far, then you are actually interested in waking up and are actively participating in your awakening, it is only a matter of time now. It is only a matter of now.

As you go about your awakening, just notice, how often you notice that it is now. You may notice your breath, you may notice your heart beating, you may hear a dog barking, a bell ring or a star in the sky. Anything can be a wake up call when you are awakening. The time is now. You are here. You are perfect. Welcome home.

Things like this really help me.  It feels like the cosmos is reaching out to embrace me.  Someone posting may not be targeting me directly, or maybe they are.

I have been paying more attention to groups of numbers lately trying to uncover a pattern.  I guess I am looking for a glitch in the matrix or some sort of message.  I know that is weird, but that is what I am paid to do.  I did some searches on the number patterns that I have seen and this site popped up.

Very strange.  The site itself is strange.  Very obscure posts and underlying meanings.  It even admits in the header that it UFO’s, conspiracy theorists, and the lunatic fringe.  (Is that where I am now, the lunatic fringe?)  The post itself points to another thread on the site that is equally odd.  You can surf the links yourself, but one I would like to point out is a story that I have read before regarding someone that has just dies who is meeting with God.

It is a very interesting story and one that I can identify with.  If I have been born before, I have no recollection of it.  I know that some people say that they do, but is that more than their imagination?  Since I am starting with a blank slate, how can I really build on what I have learned in prior lives?  I just have to trust that I am here now as a result of many births and deaths.  I can accept that I am interacting with different versions of myself.  Time is irrelevant and does not apply.  Being born earlier or later is not a punishment or a reward.  It is an experience.  If I am reborn within the same universe that must mean that the events are predetermined.  Or that everything that happens in one life does not necessarily have an impact on another.  The removal of the suffering of others is the removal of my own suffering.  The suffering that I see in others is suffering that I project on them.  The only way to alleviate their suffering is to not see them as suffering, but to see them as the perfect beings that they are.  Once I see them as that perfect being, I should be able to see myself as that perfect being.

You aren’t the …

You aren’t the thought, you are the one whose head it goes through. – idolanuel

Who am I?


I am a seeker, but at the same time, I realize that there is nothing to seek because it is already here. I am a finder. I am a realizer. When I seek, there is nothing, but when I am still there is everything. I flop between paths and I am slowly landing on one now. I am realizing that action is required and not just sitting. Sitting is good for peace and calibration, but it is not the same as action. At some point I feel that non-action is all that is required, but for now I feel that I must make the change. And the change is in the present. Can action and non-action be the same?

Is there really anything that I am doing or am I just thinking it? Is there really anything to do, or is it all just a thought? If it is just a thought, then what? Does that change anything? Does physical world vs. thought world make a difference? If something is in its physical form, then aren’t I still thinking about it in thought form. Is it ever physical? Is anything physical more than thought?

Even to touch something is to feel it and label it. It is a thought. If I feel something hard and I think of something hard, is there a difference between a feeling of hard which is labeled and thus a thought, and just the simple thought of something hard? How many thoughts are there in feeling something? The sensations and spacial reasoning. I know what parts of my body are in contact with an object. So it is more than just a thought of something being a certain way. It is the thought of that something in relation to myself. The physical world is defined as being in relation to myself. There is always that reference point.  I look around the room and everything I see is described and labeled to me based on my past experiences. Everything I see, in a way reminds me of everything I am. I am it and it is me.  And yet, that is not true.It seems absurd.

All of that is a thought.  I am the thought.  I am not the thought.  Let go or be dragged.

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