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October 2016

Isha and Sadhguru (part 2) Amma

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I email my new friend that I think that some of my hesitation with IE was that I was afraid that if I followed SG I would need to leave my family and friends.   Silly thoughts, but those are ones I had at the time.  This was new to me, and I was wary of what was happening.

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Isha and Sadhguru (part 1) Guru Positioning System

A few months ago I was contacted by someone on asking me about my experience with Isha and Sadhguru.  I did ask if it is OK if I shared the correspondence, and they said OK, but not to use their name or email.  For ease of reference, I will call my friend Jaggi.

I still get a ton of hits every day on the original post “I am not the body. I am not even the mind“.  If you Google that, my page comes up before Isha’s own pages.

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