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February 2016

I Love You and Buddha Too






These are words that only hold the meaning that we provide to them


Consciousness and the world

Mind and body

Thought and form


Form does not give rise to consciousness

Does consciousness give rise to form?


Conscious should drive and create the world.  The world does not create consciousness. – Sadhguru


Thought projects form

Thought perceives form

Thought gives rise to the physical interpretation

But does thought hit against something to realize form?


Interpretation must have something to interpret

Perception must have something to perceive

Or is it just banging against itself?

Thought perceives/interprets thought

And gives rise to form


Consider this: in our everyday state of consciousness, we regard our body to be extremely limited. What’s more, we feel that this body is the major source of all our sufferings — the feelings of pain arise in the body, the fear of illnesses and death are intimately connected to the body, etc. On the other hand, we think bright, encouraging thoughts about our minds, and our imaginative capabilities. Whilst the body is weak, limited and prone to breaking down easily, the mind is sovereign, it is our sanctuary and can give us a glimpse of the victory over our humiliating conditions. Our conscious thoughts seemingly know no bounds — we can fantasize to our hearts content about ideal conditions, distant lands, nice, heartwarming events and circumstances. We can easily imagine pigs with wings — something that’s impossible for the nature itself to accomplish. What can possibly stop our imagination? And look, it’s not only idle daydreaming — all the achievements that the science, technology, art and philosophy can boast of, all have their origin in our imagination.

Well, the experience of Enlightenment changes all that. Strictly speaking, it turns things on their heads. Upon opening our mind’s eye, we see that it is our conscious mind that is extremely limited, feeble, and prone to easily break down. Our body, which we have despised so much, turns out to be the wondrous limitless reality — we can go anywhere, climb any mountain and hill. Our body enables us to truly live.

How to Recognize Enlightenment – Alex Bunard via The Wanderling


Is it a misconception that our thoughts are limitless

and our bodies limited?

Though the body we have the ability to achieve our dreams

And move through the physical world

The body is the tool

The linkage between thought and physical

Between dreams and reality


But is consciousness any of this?

Is it body (form)?

Or mind (thought)?

Or is it the awareness?




A viewing of both melded together

Does it make anything possible or is it the witness

Through which everything is observed?



This post is a late entry to A SELECTION OF TRUE AWAKENING EXPERIENCES PART II, and a follow-up to My Awakening Experience and Moving Forward.  My apologies for the late entry Barb, I was travelling.  I understand if I have missed the deadline.



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