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November 2014

Thankful – Abundance – Coyotes

I feel that I spend so much time looking at where I want to be that I don’t take the time to be thankful for where I am.  I have a loving wife that puts her family first.  2 smart, vibrant, creative children.  Parents, siblings, in-laws, extended families.  Readers and supporters like you.  A career (not a job) where I am paid well and challenged.  A nice house, car, stuff…Freedom.  Independence. Safety. Security. Love. Prosperity. Abundance.

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Right Effort

I think that people see me a certain way.  A view I have of myself that is limited and not worthy.  I think that they think of me this way, when it is really myself that thinks this way.  I am the one thinking those thoughts.  Not them.  My projections coming out and then being reflected back at me.  They are there, but they are really there to give my thoughts perspective.

Everyone I meet gives my thoughts perspective based on what I think they think.

The truth is that I am actually awesome at what I do.  I have a different way of doing things sometimes, but I do it!!  I accomplish results slower or sometimes less that what I really want, but that is related to the effort that I put into it.  If I apply right effort, things align.

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