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December 2013

Happy Old Year!!

Happy New Year!

Happy new year, but what a great “old” one too!!  I want to express my sincere thanks to everyone that follows this blog.  Your support through, likes, comments, follows, views, really helps me feel good about what I am writing.  I know that I probably clash or challenge some of your beliefs at times, but the interactions here have really helped me to grow and develop myself and my path.  Just looking at the graph of views and visitors this past year really speaks to me.  I have had a steady stream of views and visitors since I started posting regularly and interacting more.

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Pattern Awareness

There is an anger inside of me that I cannot explain

It robs the current moment of the joy it should have

I look for something missing and I find it

We always find what we are looking for

But the perfect moment isn’t there

It is here

My anger comes from me wanting what I cannot have

The perfect moment outside of this one

This moment

This moment with all of its scars and stars

Is the perfect one

Everything is just a pattern

Is this where déjà vu comes from?

The recognition of the pattern can cause the pattern to change

The awareness was not there before and it is now

The awakened being sees all patterns

And exists in a patternless state

With knowledge of all patterns

Of all possibilities

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We are all perfect

To think different is to forget

Forget that we are part of one

That separation is an illusion

That everyone we meet is a mirror of ourselves

And of everyone else

Of how we see the world

And if everything is part of the same

How can anything not be perfect?

Matter has consciousness because we give it consciousness

It is our consciousness

Everything is consciousness or awareness

It exists because we exist

And we exist because it exists

Maybe it is time to stop questioning existence

And just exist

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This has been a very involved week at work.  I was promoted to manager a few months ago, and I have felt under the wave for a while.  We have been completing the testing on a product that I am responsible for and we need to be able to hit a certain date and everything is production ready.  On top of this I am interviewing people for my old position and working customer enhancement requests.

This is a lot, and just seeing it all written out makes me realize that.  The only thing that is getting me through is constant prioritization of what is to be done now.  The top thing for me was getting the product release out the door.  This release needs to be stable and support the new features that have been requested by the various groups.  At the same time I identify the next priority and try to push it along a little bit.  I do that on down the line pushing things along as I see opportunities.

Pretty soon the effort required for my top priority goes down and I am able to shift and expand my focus.  My goal is to have a more balanced focus across what I am responsible for instead of trying to focus all energy on one single priority for a long haul.  It is a constant re-prioritization, but it should always start in the now.  Determine the immediate need, and address that.  Then feed and care for the rest.

if you follow the paintbrush with your eyes while not moving your head, it forces you to use emdr which is a therapeutic technique to calm anxiety/panic. watching fish swim causes the same effect.

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Pineal Gland Decalcification

I have been seeing a lot of videos lately for pineal gland activation.  The pineal gland is what is commonly called the third eye or the Anja Chakra.  This is essentially the center of our being.  Surprisingly this was theorized in Ancient Egypt, but I guess if you cut open enough people, you will start to see some crazy patterns.  In the video above, Infinite Waters/Ralph Smart explains that the pineal gland is actually made out of rods and cones, like your eyes.  Very interesting.

The pineal gland is responsible for our vivid, lucid dreams and really acts as a conduit to our infinite self.  Unblocking the pineal gland is key to exapnding your mind and getting in touch with what is beyond these finite trappings.  Ralph shares five techniques that he has used in his journey to unblock the gland.  This is the first video that I have seen about pineal gland de-calcification that really explains some of the actual science and reasoning for doing the decalcification.

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