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November 2013

The Wager

Does society guide the future based on correct concerns?  Do trends influence future technology?  What is most acceptable to the masses is the winner over sometimes a better technology.  And this expands outside of technology.  A TV show that you like has probably been cancelled before you think it should have been.  This is the majority picking something that disagrees with a small set of viewers that really like the show.  But what is best?  You obviously have your feelings about the show, and they have theirs.  Who is right?  The thing is that it is right for them, but not right for you.  We swim along nicely as long as everyone is going in the same direction, but when there is a change it is startling.  It can be you striking out on your own or the rest of the school goes the other direction.  I guess I am mixing metaphors here, but hopefully you understand what I am saying.

We are mirrors reflecting mirrors.  We see ourselves reflected back at us, but we don’t want to rob that being of their individuality, so we know that we are also a mirror reflecting back to them.  It is rather beautiful and touching when you think about it.

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Our Narrow Slice

Very interesting and exciting showing the exponential evolution of the human race.  If you watch nothing else from the video, check out the segment starting at 8:39 (  This shows the history of the Earth progressing 1,000 years every second.  Our thin little slice is just a flash at the end.  Don’t blink.

View each person as a teacher

Each situation as a lesson

A chance to grow

Just because you are learning

Doesn’t mean that you are doing it wrong

It is better to tell the truth

You will always be found out by your self


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Enter title here

It feels like it has been a while since I have done a real post. I have been relying on a backlog of prose and found videos, neglecting the real intent of this blog which is to show this aspect of my mind. But it is all part of the show. A transition. A chance to let things go on autopilot for a bit.

I have been sick the past few days. It is odd how being sick puts me in a different state. One where I can see more of the body vs. mind. Awareness of the body looking one way, but the mind looking another. Sort of like being put in the passenger’s seat. I had this feeling another time recently. I was running and I hit a stride where I felt like I was sitting back with my feet up while this body I was in went along on its own. I guess this is the sort of mind-body separation that I am looking for in my meditation as well, so it is interesting to see glimpses of it in the physical world. And I quite imagine that is what a fully awakened state is like the whole time.

We watched The Host last night. A soul (Wanda) enters the body of a girl (Mel) that refuses to let go. That sort of plays into my current theme of mind/body. Mel acts like the mind giving thoughts and opinions to the body Wanda. Wanda has control over the body, but Mel can at times push her way through. All in all a good concept for a movie, but ruined a little by the love story aspects that stopped the movie from going further than it did.

I don’t know. Movies and books give great insight into how other people view the world. I guess that is what we do here on a micro-scale. This is where technology is what sets us apart. Communication. Ability to pass stories from generation to generation. An evolved social evolution, where we grow from being focused on the individual, to focused on the group. The survival of the group. Except when the group gets too large it seems that the focus goes back the the individual. An evolution to devolution. The process repeats and the individual can find compassion towards the external. Devolution is another step towards evolution. It is a practice of what does not work so it can be shed from the pool.

I have been trading some emails on Sam Harris with my friends. This is a really good talk with Joe Rogan. I may write more here later.

Are we real?

This BBC documentary is another “multiverse” explanation.  They start out with physics concepts putting emphasis on the cosmological constant and then move more into metaphysics (which you really have to do at some point).  The cosmological constant is specific out to 120 decimal places.  Einstein used this to describe energy density of the vacuum of space.  I won’t pretend to really understand what that means except it is key to a number of physics equations.  Anyway, even changing the 120th place of the number alters life as we know it.  If there are constants like this (pi, gravity, speed of light) then that seems to imply that something is setting that value.  The theory of the multiverse is used to side-step the notion of a creator by saying that all possibilities exist at the same time.  So there are universes that represent all possible values.  But then there has to be something that sort of lays it all out.

The issue I have is that if there is a simulator that can tune the variables and change the algorithms, then wouldn’t it at some point want to interact with the simulation once the simulation got to a certain point?  Or if there are simply multiple universes that represent all permutations of constants and algorithms, then wouldn’t there be a few that could break through the shell and contact the other universes?  The answer can always be “No, we are not one of the breakthrough universes” or “We are not mature enough yet”, but I have to say why.  We are manipulating the world around us at an unbelievable rate.  If we can dream it up, we can make it happen in the physical world.  All that growth seems to do nothing for how we treat our fellow human beings, so technological growth without compassion is useless.  If there is some sort of singularity event, we will all literally be connected and one.  How can something that is one fight with itself?  Insanity.

Forgetting all of the metaphysical multiverse, multiworld stuff, it is hard to deny that things happen from an individual’s own perspective.  This perspective is filtered through our senses which actually interact with the world.  The senses are interpreted by the brain and some sort of thought is formed.  That experience is unique, individual.  Yet there is an undercurrent of reality that the senses directly interact with or we are really interacting with everyone else’s experience.  Experience experiencing experience.

Words have no meaning, this post means nothing

Spinning into infinity

Losing control

External forces are not forces at all

Ripples extending outward

Coloring the surface of the pond

It is all water

Even the ripple is part of the surface

The deep calm beneath

Drops losing individuality in a whole

Show me a drop of water in a lake

It is there, but it isn’t

Words pointing in endless directions

Around and through my being

There is nothing

A wave through nothing

An existence shattered

And reformed

Identify lost

And found

And then thrown away

Why won’t it go away?

What am I clinging to?

I renounce a thousand worlds

This one holds nothing

And everything

My head throbs

As much as it is my head

Can consciousness leap from one plane to another, and remain intact?

Can the journey be experienced?

Or do we simply wake up in a new life

With the expectations of the old one?

How do I let go, realize the change, and move on?



Words have no meaning

This post means nothing

Move on

Let it go

Whatever I am thinking, it is gone

My current thoughts are your vision into my past

What is it like to ride in a time machine?

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