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September 2013

One in Many; Many in One

Self – One in many; Many in one

The self is steadfast and constant.  It is an un-moving, non-judging observer.  To do otherwise is to form identification giving rise to something separate.  Rising from the self is the mind.  The mind provides commentary and observation on the outside world or reality.  The mind, through perception and interpretation, gives rise to the body.  The body is the thing that forms a physical barrier between us and the outside world.  This is where we start to actually perceive ourselves as separate which gives rise to others and everything else.

Here is the thing.  That mind-body perception is just one of many.  If this mind-body arises from the self, then everyone that I am perceiving is arising from the self.  The self emanates out from underneath this mind-body, but it also spreads out from everyone and everything that this mind-body perceives.  So this mind-body is one in many forming many in one.  I am a projector and a receptor of the self.

Mind-Body Perception

The mind perceives the outside world through senses. It is only aware of reality through an interpretation of the sense. The ears feed in sound waves that are then interpreted into something that is meaningful or identifiable. The body is also perceived through senses. What we interpret as the body is not reality, it is only perception of reality. So really, I am not the body, just as I am not the outside world.

Thoughts also seem to come that way. The original, real thing, followed by echos and perceptions. The mind echos the true event or reality. Those echos mix together and form a sense of identification. I am not really the echo, I am the source. I am not the body. I am not even the mind.

But perhaps an echo is still part of what I am. I am the observer and the observed. To say that I am not something denies me saying that I am everything. I can’t be everything minus something. That doesn’t make sense. I am and I am not the body. I am and I am not the mind. Semantics. I guess it is more freeing to lose the identification than claim it, even though it is a infinitesimally small part of our composition.

Whatever you are doing, be present

A couple of my friends and I went to practice our kayak lessons on the lake today.  I took the last lesson solo and I could not get the roll portion down.  Even my strokes were like the first day.  I have been taking so long between classes (2-3 weeks +) that the lessons are not sticking and I am having to relearn things that I should already know.  The main part of this is that I do not own my own kayak and the classes range from $50-80 a lesson.  It is worth the money, but I hate to spend money when I can practice the basics on my own.  I do wonder if an immersion process would have been better to force us quickly through the steps without much thinking.

Well, we all have kayaks now.  So there is no excuse.  I would like to stick with it for the next few weeks.  If I am serious about it then I need to shell out more for a wet suit.  That just seems to be the tie in this world that is limiting.  We can essentially do what we want, but it does cost money.  To get money I need to have an education and an attitude for success.  I save and budget to show the respect for the process.  I have to put in work to get something that I want.  Is that a bad thing?  Sure I would like to win the lottery, but is working to get what I want so bad?  Larger goals may take longer, but if I have vision for what you want, maybe I can achieve it sooner.  To do this, I think that I have to quit imaging the way.

I want to take a vacation to Hawaii with my family.  If I imagine that I am going to work and save up all my money, I am effectively setting an expectation that it will happen, but it will take months or years.  If I imagine that I am going to win the lottery, then that feels somewhat greedy.  I imagine that I inherit money, but I don’t want anyone to die for me to be able to realize a dream.  I would like to drop all expectations of how it will happen and allow it to happen.  I need to drop all expectations of what it will be, what I think it should be and imagine it happening.  It is a practice to let go of the path and trust the way.

My biggest issue with kayaking is ironically the water.  I am getting over my fear of being underwater and learning more patience at the same time.  Funny enough, I think part of this is the wording of thoughts in my head.  I am trying to go from thinking or saying  “rolling is difficult for me because I have a fear of drowning”, to “I am getting over a fear of drowning that I had in the past”.  The fear is not happening now, it happened.  I still think that is negative because that implies that the past is a certain way and I was a certain way in the past.  But all of that is just a fabrication of my mind churning though bits and pieces of memories that it needs to support my current thought pattern.  In other words, I cannot say how I was in the past because the past is not happening now other than through a chain of thought that branches off from the actual current moment.  So I did not have a fear of drowning in the past.  The fear certainly does not exist in the future, that is obviously a thought projection.  So does it really exist at all other than through thought trails going forward and backward (and every which way) from the current moment?

Thinking the Dream

When thoughts arise, there is something to observe them.

The realm of consciousness is much vaster than thought can grasp. When you no longer believe everything you think, you step out of thought and see clearly that the thinker is not who you are.

– Eckhart Tolle

If I am the observer of thought, then what is the thinker?  What is this force creating the thoughts that I am observing?  Is this from a mind-body physicality?  The interface into reality.  Think about this.  A system receives input from an outside source through a defined interface.  The TV receives input from a cable to display a picture.  The mind-body acts as an input source to the observer.  The senses pick up energies from particles in the surrounding area.  The mind interprets the sensory input and makes decisions and judgments.  It recalls past events or similar patterns that it has seen.  The soul observes that whole process, but can also become attached to it.

If there were nothing but thought in you, you wouldn’t even know you are thinking. You would be like a dreamer who doesn’t know he is dreaming. When you know you are dreaming, you are awake within the dream.

– Eckhart Tolle

If we are in a dream, then it is a self-recursive one.  The dreamer is creating the dream and the dream is creating the dreamer.  I imagine that awareness sits in the middle of that cycle, not showing favor to either the dreamer or the dream.  Not caring if it is observing the creator or the created.  Or maybe not seeing any difference.

So, again, there are all the major problems of life, and they are complex – one must come to them very simply, not demanding a thing. Then one discovers for oneself a state of mind that is not touched by thought, a totally different dimension that man is always seeking. It is only when one stops seeking, and faces the fact of what actually is and goes beyond, that one will discover it for oneself.

– Krishnamurti

Just Breathe

Perceiving the Bull

I keep seeing projections of myself in others

Telling my son to stop talking while watching a movie

Is like telling my thoughts to be quiet

I yell at my wife for playing on her phone instead of being present

I see myself wandering off

My mind not in the moment

The flaws that I see in others are issues that I have with myself



If I can accept others how they are

I can accept myself

If I can overcome judging others

I can stop judging myself

The moment is just the moment

Without want for something else

Without projecting into the future

Or decaying into the past

If I find myself thinking about the future

I try to think positive

Better to not judge either way

When one hears the voice, one can sense its source. As soon as the six senses merge, the gate is entered. Wherever one enters one sees the head of the bull!

All sounds heard as something that is happening

No influence applied

No identification made

Sounds happening without source

Everything is a synchronicity

Timelines are formed as causality is applied

Going from nothing to something

Strings of moments floating around through all possibiilities




But sounds are just sounds

Everything external is not influenced by the observer

Everything internal as well

The observer observes

Sounds happen

Thoughts happen

To hear the voice of thought

To actually hear the voice and not overlay it is to perceive the bull

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