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March 2013

Why am I getting so many spam comments and why are they so weird?

Along with face body of a man also matters and a person can get ridof all the unnecessary hairs on his body by doing waxing. An esthetician can avoid pitfalls like ingrown hairs, or damaged skin due to overheated wax or not enough skin tension when pulling the wax off.  This is why I have tried all the hair density reduction approaches in the market, but to disastrous consequences.

I guess the wording is to make it less like spam so it gets through the filters, but why?  What is the point of a nonsense comment like that?  Am I going to go to the website and check out an approach to getting rid of my body hair?  I am a little hairy, but not that much.

Although operating a bsienuss sounds cool and all that. However precise fact, I think you have to form a schedule so that you don’t get too involved. I favored that things you talked about “lifestyles is steadiness”. Possibly hiring someone do your paintings is a great idea.

Really?  WTF is this one even about?  Spelling error aside, wtf are they trying to get me to do? Do people have nothing better to do than to create spambots that spew random information?

Certainly I like your web site, however you need to check the slepling on quite a few of your posts. Several of them are rife with slepling problems and I find it very bothersome to tell you. However I’ll definitely come back again!

Well, he has me there.  I do make a lot of slepling errors.  I really need to work on my slepling.  Again, what is there to gain here other than causing clutter?  Luckily WordPress catches a majority of these, but more and more are making their way through.

Very great post. I simply stbmuled upon your weblog and wished to mention that I’ve truly loved surfing around your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing on your rss feed and I hope you write once more very soon!

And there have been a few that do seem like real comments.  They don’t actually link to anything, so I am not sure of the point.  It is a good compliment, so I almost approved it.  I guess I will take it as my blog is getting found by the search engines and algorithms so it is somewhat read.  🙂

In any case, I am very thankful for the actual humans that read and respond to this blog.  It is great to share my ideas and hear yours.  What a great community.


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Lessons from a Master

I love it when my 6 year old son is talking about something that he is excited about. You can see the light in his eyes and the expression on his face exudes confidence that everything will turn out the way that he envisions it. Just perfect. My pessimistic side wants to prepare him for the worst. I want to let him know that things may not turn out how he likes, but I hold myself back. I keep my own thoughts at bay to not poison his mind.

And the thing is, when things turn out different than how he imagined, he doesn’t really dwell on it. He may be upset depending on what it is or he may not even remember what he had originally in mind. In either case, he bounces along with it and is no worse the wear for the lack of my pessimistic preparation.

Now to apply the same principle to my own thoughts. …to let myself free to experience the outcome without the pessimistic preparation. …to not be anxious about the event before, during, or after. …to let go of regret. …to look forward to something, but to have no expectations of it. …to learn from my son.

Xavier Riding His Airstream into the Flood

This fits nicely with a quote I heard this week.

Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.
Dalai Lama

The choices we have made have brought us to this point and the people we are surrounded with are a result of those choices. They too braved out into the world and landed at the same spot that we are at, but the difference between them and us is that they have found their peace in the flood. That is fine for them, but we see the change, a way out of the suffering that they have accepted as their life. They may hold opinions contrary to ours, but those opinions are really only our own self doubt reflected back at us. We can choose to change our perspective and become the flood itself.

Become the flood that destroys.  The flood that resets everything without regard to intent.   The flood that makes way for new growth.  Become the water that nourishes the land.  The water that gives life to the planet, in turn giving its life to the solar system and on through the universe.  Become the constant change, and don’t let anyone, especially yourself, hold you back.

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The Coin

Everything is happening as it should
All possibilities exist now
All past and future exist now
I am the observer
Everything external is internal
Separation at physical level
Two sides of one coin
But both are the same coin

Perceived reality is not permanent
Thought is not permanent
Reality cannot be controlled
Thoughts and feelings of reality cannot be controlled
But both can be accepted
To categorize something is to limit it
It is then either viewed as heads or tails, but never both

Observation of Time

Can time exist without an observer.  Time could be defined as events that occur and our perception of some unit of measurement that has passed between those events.  Perceived time varies per observer and is based on internal and external events.  If I look forward to some event happening, time may be perceived to progress slower coming up to the event and then quicker afterwards.  That same event may be something that someone else dreads, so time may be perceived to be quicker coming up to the event and slower afterwards.  Which observed movement of time is correct?  So, can there be independent, non-observed time.

One image, as the observer, observes dozens of other images around himself and inside himself … there is a central image put together by all the other images, and this central image, the observer, is the censor, the experiencer, the evaluator, the judge who wants to conquer or subjugate the other images or destroy them altogether. But other images are the results of judgments, opinions and conclusions of the observer, and the observer is the result of all the other images—therefore the observer is the observed.


Measuring change of state of particles makes assumptions about how time affects the particles.  Consider the zen koan “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, then does it make a sound”?  Without someone to perceive the sound, does the sound exist?  OR “If no one is around to see the tree at all, did it fall?” Are we making assumptions about how it got into that state based on our prior experiences or has the tree always existed in that state.  We observe and then make up a story that fits our observations.

Water flows on and on
but it never flows away.
The moon waxes and wanes,
and yet in the end it is the same moon.
If we look at things through the eyes of change,
then there’s not a single instant of stillness in all creation.
But if we observe the changelessness of things,
then we, and all beings alike
have no end.

Su Shih

If time only exists when perceived, does it really exist at all?  Is everything just a possibility in flux (null) waiting for an observer to flip the switch and lock it into something meaningful to that observer?  And if that is true for “physical” matter, what about thought or feeling?  Can thought or feeling exist without an observer and if it is being observed who/what is that observer?

The moment you realize you are not present, you **ARE** present. Whenever you are able to observe your mind, you are no longer trapped in it. Another factor has come in, something that is not of the mind: the witnessing presence.

Eckhart Tolle – The Power of Now

We are not viewing physical matter, we are viewing our perceptions (thoughts/feelings) of physical matter.  Obviously thoughts and feelings can be influenced by subtle things that we are not even aware of, but if it is all part of our perception then we should have ultimate control of it.  It is awareness that breaks the illusion.

Like you, I am a luminous stardust being that has become self-aware, and we are two pieces of stardust that are having a conversation. But that is just a spacetime event. Our real nature is beyond space and time.

Deepak Chopra


It is definitely something about patterns.  I keep seeing myself in old pictures and I am judging how I look.  Or am I seeing myself for how I was?  Am I clinging to a thought about myself, and when is that thought occurring?  Is it a thought I had in the past and I am remembering it now?  Is it a thought in the present about how I was in the past?  Or is it a thought in the present about how I am now that I am applying to the past?  It most absolutely has to be the last one.

A thought can only occur in the present.  Since the past is not happening now, whatever image and identification that I have with it is all based on the thought of myself in the present.  I am actually deciding on a moment by moment basis what past that I need to support my current image of myself.  Then I hit on something that might be negative and I want to let go of it.  I want that image gone.  Or I find something positive and I want it to last.  The key seems to be to attach to neither.

Can the present exist as part of a pattern?  If the present were part of a pattern then it would be tied to a past to support it and a future that it is trying to predict.  How can that be the present?  The present moment must stand on its own, tied to nothing.  Does the present represent all possibilities past and future?  If so, the present represents everything and nothing, and it is outside of time.  The real question is, “What can observe that?”

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