I have been trying to open myself more to things that are outside of my comfort zone. This blog is somewhat included in that. At work I have been participating in the Secret Santa. This is the first year out of the last 4 that they have done it that I have been a part of it. The thing that does suck is that whoever has my name is not giving me anything. I am still gifting my gifts and I am willing to accept that whoever had my name forgot or I didn’t get assigned to someone. That is OK. I have still enjoyed doing the gifts and I hope that the person that I am giving to is enjoying it.

I read this post again after looking through my recent likes. It really hit home for me that putting myself into new situations or situations that I fear is helping me to grow, and I do want more. It is refreshing to hear that that if more is what I want, it is out there for me. I think that I have been caught in the strict Buddhist philosophy that all want is bad. Maybe it ultimately is, but I should not berate myself for wanting to do better in my life. I should be able to want a new house or a new car. I should be able to want to take trips. I should want to live my dreams.

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Zen emphasizes the attainment of enlightenment and personal expression in Buddhist teachings and in my opinion it doesn’t matter whether your a Buddhist or not this principle can be applied in everyday life.

The World is more interesting when you open yourself up to things that or not in your comfort zone this is how we learn and grow reaching your personal zenith through this journey called life.

Whether in personal or business, doesn’t it feel better to open yourself up to all options that are on the table so you can attain the highest level of success, if more is what you want it’s out there for you, your on personal Zen.

As the World changes before our eyes, each day there is a new path, a new option, a new choice when you reach your destination, your Zen, the air seems fresher, the food taste sweeter and you…

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