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December 2012

Never Stop Improving

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Today I went to Lowe’s with my wife to look for a new oven.   At one point I am looking at the ovens and she is just looking at me.  I ask her why she is doing this, and she replies that she is waiting for me to make a decision since it is my decision.  I have seen myself be over-controlling before, but this time I have caught myself in the act.  I make an effort to get her give her input on what she wants, so that it will not be my choice.  I have to push her a bit.  I think her reluctance is reflex reaction from her normally giving in to what I want.

An associate comes over and asks us if we need help.  I tell him that we are trying to figure out what we want and he asks “What is it you really need?”  And isn’t this the biggest thing that there is?  We must let go of our wants and expectations and find out what it is that we really need.

The main concern for starting to pick out the oven is simply the type of oven to get (built-in, standalone, slide-in).  As part of getting a oven, we want to redo the counter-tops as well, so we are pretty open on the type.  The associate suggested that we look at the counter-tops first.  He said that there are a number of things that we can do and we should just “have fun with it.

In counter-tops, my wife was a little more open to giving her opinion.  She knew that we didn’t want to go too expense, so she stayed around a good price point and picked out a few that she liked.  In looking through some of the displays the kitchen associate indicated that we need to think about a back-splash as well.  She was very upfront on things that we can do to save money.  Of course by us saving money on labor,which Lowe’s contracts out, we have more money to spend on materials and put into Lowe’s pockets.  Oh well, I am OK with that.  🙂

We then made our way over to tile and picked out a few options that we like for the wall and backsplash.  I asked the associate there what I need to do to prep the wall for the tile.  He said that I can just use the tile glue and it should be fine.  He also told me “don’t make it any harder than it is.”  I guess it was this last one that really stuck out to me.  Different little signs or suggestions on how I can make this experience better.  Things that I need to focus on or let go of.  And to think that it started with me letting go of control on picking out the oven.




I have been trying to open myself more to things that are outside of my comfort zone. This blog is somewhat included in that. At work I have been participating in the Secret Santa. This is the first year out of the last 4 that they have done it that I have been a part of it. The thing that does suck is that whoever has my name is not giving me anything. I am still gifting my gifts and I am willing to accept that whoever had my name forgot or I didn’t get assigned to someone. That is OK. I have still enjoyed doing the gifts and I hope that the person that I am giving to is enjoying it.

I read this post again after looking through my recent likes. It really hit home for me that putting myself into new situations or situations that I fear is helping me to grow, and I do want more. It is refreshing to hear that that if more is what I want, it is out there for me. I think that I have been caught in the strict Buddhist philosophy that all want is bad. Maybe it ultimately is, but I should not berate myself for wanting to do better in my life. I should be able to want a new house or a new car. I should be able to want to take trips. I should want to live my dreams.

Q&T's Life, Love and Food


Zen emphasizes the attainment of enlightenment and personal expression in Buddhist teachings and in my opinion it doesn’t matter whether your a Buddhist or not this principle can be applied in everyday life.

The World is more interesting when you open yourself up to things that or not in your comfort zone this is how we learn and grow reaching your personal zenith through this journey called life.

Whether in personal or business, doesn’t it feel better to open yourself up to all options that are on the table so you can attain the highest level of success, if more is what you want it’s out there for you, your on personal Zen.

As the World changes before our eyes, each day there is a new path, a new option, a new choice when you reach your destination, your Zen, the air seems fresher, the food taste sweeter and you…

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English: Radical Acceptance diagram
English: Radical Acceptance diagram (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has taken me a while and a lot of anger to get me to realize that not everyone knows what I know.  That sounds logical on the surface that not everyone has had the same experiences that I have had, but in practice it has actually been more difficult for me.  I have expectations of how people should react when I tell them something based on what I think that they should know.  Whether it is at work or at home, I have found that especially if someone asks me how to do something, I should not take it for granted that they remember what I have told them before or that they have the same intuition on how to do something based on their past experiences that I might.  They do not know what I think they should know.  They know what they know.  This is not a bad thing.  The kicker is, the same is true for me.  I do not know the same things that other people know, and I would want to be treated with kindness and understanding if someone was teaching me how to do something.

Pattern of Change

A fractal is infinitely complex, but each piece contains enough information to recreate the whole.  Each level is different than the original.  A cosmic spiral.  The creation and interpretation creates time and the illusion of solidity.

We are a part of the pattern.  If we see negative patterns as part of our life, we can accept them or we can change them.  Either way, we are part of the change.  Our patterns and actions at a small level influence and make ripples throughout the universe.  We can make our change positive even when at first it may seem negative.  There are no problems, there is only the situation.

Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

This video is an excellent way to understand of what we learned in Cosmic Space – The Source of Universe. The Cosmic space is referred as Akasha or Akasa or Brahamam or Absolute Space or Consciousness. I am recalling the same here for the benefit of all…

Vaastu Shastras speak of Cosmic Space as being the source of energy. Cosmic Space refers to Brahmam or Consciousness itself – the source of the entire material world. We can think of Brahmam as being similar to the concept in physics called the Unified Field. Thus, the source of energy in a Vastu is not the sky or outer space – it is Cosmic Space or Consciousness.

Physicists theorize that there is a single unified field of unmanifest pure energy that is the source of the material world. They view the material world as impulses or waveforms that are fluctuations of a…

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English: Dog Poop Bin, Western Lawns The sea f...

What is Enlightenment?

My mentor, turning and pointing slightly inward beyond the edge of the park lawn behind us, replied, “Dog poop turns white in the sun.”

Sure enough it seemed a dog had left his calling card on the grass, but, having enough of the Zen answers I asked, “How can I be Enlightened?”

He said, “The grass grows in a circle much taller and darker green than the surrounding grass.”

Very simply, Buddha is dried dung because Buddha is everything.

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